We Focus on the Health and Balance of Individual

Rolfing, like cranial sacral work, developed out of osteopathy, not massage. Deep tissue massage and myofacial release, for that matter, developed from Rolfing, also not from what we ordinarily think of as massage. It is said that osteopathy focuses on the health of the individual rather than focusing on the disease. Likewise, Rolfing seeks to touch the individual's sense of balance and well being rather than simply focusing on the client’s problems. Restrictions, injuries, and compensation patterns are noted and addressed throughout a Rolfing series, but the essential sense of intelligence and wisdom of the body is always viewed as more important. As the body’s nervous system explores greater degrees of balance, it will create a greater sense of order. The mind body complex is ruled over by an inner intelligence that is of a higher nature than our ordinary minds. We must allow this intelligence to find order rather than trying to control everything ourselves.

Our approach uses modern medical research but is not limited to it. These are ideas that modern science can not yet explain, and we are not going to wait for it to catch up. Modern medicine has basically developed from chemistry, but osteopathy has developed from physics. That is why osteopaths are not obsessed with seeking and destroying pathogens. They focus on the health of the individual, and likewise the Rolfer focuses on the individual sense of balance and harmony to sort out issues. We do not really do anything, we speak to the inner intelligence and give the body input, it is the individual’s system that makes the changes.

John WilsonComment