John A. Wilson

Express Yourself. Bring out the natural wisdom of your body.


The body has the ability to express itself, gracefully and effortlessly when organized well in gravity and movement. When restrictions and holding patterns are addressed we are more free to be what nature designed us to be, an upright being, a self aware elegant organism.

As with plant life, we thrive when given the attention we need. When awareness is expanded, the body can reorganize it’s self, in structure and in movement. We seek to bring a new awareness to the body, one that is transformative in nature. In this respect, Rolfing is truly a unique process.


“Gravity is the therapist.”

— Ida Rolf


We provide input, awareness makes the change. When given the right attention, we have the ability to organize ourselves.


Having spent many years studying massage and bodywork in general, the realization that there must be a more sophisticated approach to helping people became apparent. What was it? Deep tissue, Swedish massage, shiatsu, even Ayurveda did not really answer that question when it came to structural issues and movement.

Deep tissue training with notable Rolfers at the San Francisco School of massage eventually led me away from the massage world and into the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, where I met and studied with highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers. This completely changed my approach and outlook towards bodywork. Spending time India as a student at an Ayurvedic school of panchakarma, had previously fostered an attitude of holism toward the healing arts in my mind, Rolfing showed me the path. Many years of practice in Aikido also embedded in me the understanding that humans are graceful animals, and that such inner grace can be brought out with the right movement education.