The First Step in Rolfing. What is the Sleeve Cycle?

The Sleeve Cycle

The first step in a Rolfing series is known as the sleeve cycle .  This is usually done in 3 sessions, addressing the larger more superficial muscles of action known as the sleeve.  They are primarily suited for movement. Our deeper muscles of posture, our core muscles, are suite for keeping us upright and do not tire as quickly as our muscles of action.  When the sleeve muscles start being used to hold us up, the core muscles can become more inactive, and even atrophy. Also, the sleeve muscle fatigue more quickly than the core.  When our muscles of action are worked out and differentiated from the deeper layers underneath them, it can give the nervous system the signal to rest the sleeve muscles when they are not needed, also encouraging the core muscles to be more active and express themselves.  People will usually feel a certain sense of balance and relief from pain and constriction after this first cycle.

If one then decides they would like to continue with a Rolfing series, we can then move into the core sessions, which would include about 7 more visits, at the completion of which they should be good to go and not need to come in regularly after that.  That is the bennifit of Rolfing. 




John Wilson