We do not make changes, we give the body input and allow it to reorganize itself.

When doing a Rolfing series we are striving for change.  This does not mean, however, that we believe it is the practitioner that makes the change.  Through all the muscle, bone and connective tissue manipulation, as well as movement, it is really the client's body that knows what is best and can reorder things to obtain optimal structure and function.  All the variables that go into even simple things like standing, walking, and sitting are so numerous and subtle that no one can know them in extensively.  That is why we ultimately rely on the body's intrinsic wisdom to take the input, the suggestions, we give it and adopt what is best.  In this way, we do not "work on" a client, as if they were a machine, we work with the client, and give them input.  What happens next is unknown until we see the outcome.  In this way, many unexpected things can happen, many of them quite positive.  This is what make Rolfing so interesting.  It is a truly exciting field of study. 

John Wilson